Eyes Up Guardians!

I am a father of 4 teenage girls. My love for wood started in Jr. High and I have always wanted to do something professionally with it. I have done trim work all over my home and now have a CNC to do work for others.

I bought a CNC a year and a half ago and wanted to figure out what to do and how to make some money doing it. I thought of all sorts of things but they weren’t clicking. I decided to figure out what my niche was. After some pensive thoughts I decided I should do something with video games, specifically Destiny. I have played Destiny since Destiny 1 beta or alpha, can’t remember for sure but it was way back in the day.

I was able to figure that out and landed on doing physical items from the game such as seals, shirts, signs etc. I can’t wait to get all this into your hands!

-Lee or El Pipito#9607 in Destiny 2