Prove You’re the Champ

A Guide to the Destiny 2 Champ Seal The Guardian Games are back in Destiny 2, and with them comes the coveted Champ seal. This prestigious title signifies your dedication to the friendly competition between the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan classes. But how do you claim it for yourself? What is the Champ Seal? The […]

Dredging Up Glory

Your Guide to Earning the Dredgen Seal Guardians, have you ever felt the thrill of invading an opposing team in Gambit, wiping their squad, and watching their Primeval shrivel? Do you relish the chaos of balancing mote collection with slaying enemies? If so, then the Dredgen seal might be calling your name, beckoning you with […]

The Iron Lord Seal in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the Iron Banner is a dynamic week-long Crucible event. This even offers a unique opportunity to earn the coveted Iron Lord Seal. Let’s break down the steps, understanding that this seal is not just a mark of triumph, but a testament to your prowess in the Iron Banner playlist. Navigating the Iron […]

Destiny 2 Seals: A Journey of Triumph and Glory

In the expansive and immersive world of Destiny 2, Guardians embark on quests that transcend the ordinary. One emblematic feature that stands as a testament to a Guardian’s prowess and dedication is the coveted Seals. These Seals, much like badges of honor, encapsulate the essence of a Guardian’s journey, marking milestones, trials, and triumphs throughout […]