Aquanaut Seal – Season of the Deep


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Immerse yourself in the depths of Destiny 2’s aquatic adventures with the life-sized Aquanaut seal. Crafted meticulously from PVC foam at heights of 8.5″ to 10″, this emblem commemorates your triumphs beneath the waves.

Display your Guardian’s legacy proudly as you delve into the mysteries of Destiny 2’s underwater realms. Elevate your collection with this iconic seal, a symbol of your valor and skill in the aquatic depths.

A great complement to the Ghoul seal would be the Ghosts of the Deep seal or the Queensguard seal.

We have put time and effort into handcrafting each seal SVG to make each seal identical to their counterparts found in game. Using our carving software we create the code for the CNC to carve out the seal. We then carve it out of PVC Foam*, then we seal the paint and the foam with a clear coat.

Each Seal is custom made for you so be aware it will take 3-5 business days to paint, cut and ship the seal, but the wait will be well worth it.

* PVC foam, also known as polyvinyl chloride foam, is a durable, closed cell, free foam PVC sheet material. It allows for amazing versatility in making the Destiny 2 seals over using other materials such as MDF.


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10 in., 8.5 in.


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