Dream Warrior Seal – Root of Nightmares Raid Seal



Embrace your Guardian spirit with this monumental replica of the coveted Dream Warrior seal. Available in two sizes – 10 inches and 8.5 inches – to fit your display perfectly! Crafted from lightweight and durable PVC foam, this seal is a must-have for any dedicated Destiny 2 player or collector.

Unleash the Details:

  • Choose Your Glory: Opt for the majestic 10-inch size for a truly awe-inspiring centerpiece or the versatile 8.5-inch option for a dynamic display on shelves.
  • Authentically Etched: Every intricate line, symbol, and weathered texture of the in-game seal is meticulously recreated, bringing the Dream Warrior’s legend to life.
  • Lightweight Champion: Made from high-quality PVC foam, this replica boasts impressive size without the weight, making it easy to display and handle.
  • Display Your Triumph: Mount it proudly on your wall, showcase it on a shelf, or integrate it into your cosplay for an epic Guardian touch. The possibilities are endless.

More Than a Replica, a Symbol:

This life-sized Dream Warrior seal is not just a collector’s item. It’s a testament to your dedication, resilience, and countless victories within the Destiny universe. It’s a conversation starter for fellow Guardians, a stunning display piece, and a constant reminder of your achievements.

A great complement to the Conqueror seal would be the Disciple Killer seal or the Kingslayer seal.

Claim Your Dream Today:

Order yours now and choose your size and unleash the Dream Warrior’s glory!

Additional details to consider:

  • Personalization: Optional personalization available, show off your gamer tag and your clan.
  • Mounting hardware: They are lightweight and can be put on the wall with just some Command Strips.

10 in., 8.5 in.


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