Flamekeeper – The Solstice of Heroes Seal

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Become a beacon of hope with this monumental replica of the coveted Flamekeeper seal! Crafted from lightweight and durable PVC foam, this seal is a must-have for any Solstice Hero!

Immerse yourself in the triumphs of Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes with our life-sized Flamekeeper seal, meticulously crafted from PVC foam and available in heights of 10″ and 8.5″. This emblematic seal commemorates your valor and dedication during this epic seasonal event, where Guardians showcase their prowess in combat and honor the heroes of the past.

The Flamekeeper seal stands as a testament to your achievements, symbolizing your journey through the trials and challenges of Solstice of Heroes. Whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or a newcomer to the festivities, this seal embodies the spirit of celebration and perseverance.

Display this iconic seal proudly in your gaming space, showcasing your passion for Destiny 2 and the epic battles of Solstice of Heroes. Elevate your collection with a piece that captures the essence of this revered seasonal event and honors your Guardian’s legacy in the Destiny universe. Let the Flamekeeper seal ignite your gaming experience and inspire greatness in every adventure.

  • Choose Your Flame: Opt for the majestic 10-inch size for a truly awe-inspiring centerpiece or the versatile 8.5-inch option for a fiery addition to shelves or cosplay.
  • Solar Majesty Captured: Every intricate detail of the in-game seal is meticulously recreated, bringing the Flamekeeper’s burning power to life with stunning precision.
  • Lightweight Champion: Made from high-quality PVC foam, this replica boasts impressive size without the weight, making it easy to display and handle.

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10 in., 8.5 in.

1 review for Flamekeeper – The Solstice of Heroes Seal

  1. Jillian Ross

    Got this in my second order from Cayde’s Woodshop for myself in celebration of the first seal I ever earned last year. I love ordering from this shop, it has the most unique and beautiful Destiny 2 decor out there. I appreciate the stickers and magnet that are included, such a nice touch. It won’t be my last order.

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