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Ascend to Legend: Life-Sized Destiny 2 Godslayer Seal!

Mark your place among the elite Guardians with this monumental replica of the coveted Godslayer seal. Now available in two sizes – 8.5 inches and 10 inches – to dominate your display! Crafted from lightweight and durable PVC foam, this seal is a must-have for any Destiny 2 player who has conquered the Pantheon and slain its godlike terrors.

Prove Your Might:

  • Choose Your Glory: Opt for the imposing 10-inch size for a truly awe-inspiring centerpiece or the versatile 8.5-inch option for a dynamic addition to shelves.
  • Pantheon’s Might Captured: Every intricate detail and battle-worn scar of the in-game seal is meticulously recreated, immortalizing your triumphs against Oryx the Taken King, Rhulk the Disciple of the Witness, and the other horrors of the Pantheon.
  • Lightweight Champion: Made from high-quality PVC foam, this replica boasts impressive size without the weight, making it easy to display and handle.
  • Display Your Godhood: Mount it proudly on your wall, showcase it on a shelf, or integrate it into your cosplay for a legendary Guardian look.
More Than a Replica, a Legacy

This life-sized Godslayer seal is not just a collector’s item; it’s a testament to your unwavering courage, tactical brilliance, and mastery over the challenges within the Pantheon. It’s a conversation starter for fellow Guardians, a stunning display piece, and a constant reminder of your ascension to legend.

Claim Your Godslayer Glory Today

Choose your size and unleash the power of the Godslayer seal in your collection! Add the Brave seal to go along with your Godslayer seal.


10 in., 8.5 in.


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2 reviews for Godslayer – Pantheon Seal

  1. Trey

    Lee’s seals are incredible. I’ve earned over 30 in game, but 5 are very significant to me. I needed a way to celebrate the achievement, and help I provided to others. This one is my most recent to be added to my office wall. It helps remind me of personal principles that are important to me such as helping others, mastering craft, and never saying no to an ask for help.

    If you’re on the fence about these, get off the fence and make a purchase. I guarantee when you see the quality you’ll be back for more.

  2. Mike

    Ordered the 10 in. Godslayer seal for Father’s Day. It arrived at my dad’s place in about 2 weeks and was exactly as displayed and matches the game seal perfectly.

    My dad was ecstatic! Along with the seal he was pumped about the Destiny themed magnet and stickers. There was a note with my dad’s gamertag and nickname that added to the personal touch.
    Recommended to our clan to check out the shop and get something from Lee!

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